About Us

At Simpson Accounting (Pty) Ltd, we have a proud and unblemished record of scrupulous integrity, meticulous accuracy and strict confidentiality in our services to our clients. We are based in Johannesburg and have served numerous companies across Gauteng. We work with both individuals as well as organisations of all sizes, from small and micro businesses to larger enterprises with multi-million rand turnovers. We take pride in offering all our clients the best financial solutions for their particular needs. We also specialise in accounting services for legal firms, where our knowledge of working with complex trust accounts is a significant advantage. In our complex economic and legislative environment it is essential to stay ahead of the game. As a team, we focus on constantly building industry knowledge and insights and maintaining expert knowledge of the regulations. We have a culture of lifelong learning in our organisation; we are always studying – either completing formal short courses or attending Continuous Professional Development events.